Thursday, March 22, 2012

Consequences of Water Abuse and Depletion

            There are some very obvious and apparent consequences to water depletion that many of us are already aware of. For example, lower water supply for domestic use, the inability to provide water to irrigate agriculture, less water for animals that provide food for us, wildlife/pond life depletion, and even water pollution. These consequences of water depletion start a snowball effect and cause even more consequences for our planet.
            As we have discussed in class, some believe humans feel the need to dominate over nature. It has been suggested that we are greedy and this affects things like the natural environment and even other humans. I agree with this, and I also believe that this is affecting the depletion of water. As I stated in my last post, there are many ways that we abuse our domestic uses of water. Many people in the Western culture (which has been talked about being the cause of environmental maltreatment) will overuse water in their home. I believe this is because we are unable to imagine the long term consequences or do not see how it is affecting people around the world today.
            The consequences of water depletion are very serious and will continue to worsen and affect the world if something is not done. Much of what we talk about in class can be compared to the issue of water abuse and depletion and its consequences. We have talked about how humans are greedy and feel the need to dominate nature, but do not realize the importance of it. This is the same with water. It is very difficult for us to realize that are consequences of our actions and as with the environment, our water is irreplaceable.


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